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What our clients say:

UpSide Down


When it comes down to it, we tend to lock ourselves out of the most random things, like your OWN room 🤣😂. Mr. Edge here helped us out in such situation when no other service was available. Down to earth and definitely worth the price for times like these. Highly recommended!

Israel Rodriguez


I left my keys in my car at a grocery store. They were able to get to me in less then 15 minutes. Took them less then 5 minutes to get my keys back. You can’t beat fast service like that! Recommend them highly and will call them again if and when I get locked out again.

Angela Perdue


Needed assistance in getting a lock removed quickly due to a lost key. They were quick, friendly, efficient and incredibly helpful. Will call them again.

Tanya Diaz


He was super nice and very professional. He was upfront with the price. He was also on time and quickly opened my car door! Would recommend and def call him again!

Tina Dunn


My daughter locked herself out of her car and we tried every trick on Google, but could not get in.
We have used Lock Doctors twice in the past (once on the door lock to our home and once on my husband’s car – both relatively near to the business) and knew we could trust them for quality work, but my daughter was in Asheboro and it was late at night. They still sent someone quickly out to us and got her into her car in moments!
Always HIGHLY recommend!! Thank you!

Austin Snider


Called in emergency because my business partner locked his keys in his car on our time sensitive business trip. Our guy already had six calls lined up but he was about to go out and we were close by. Locksmith went out of his way for a quick fix and we were back on the road within minutes. Outstanding service and, especially for us, was an immense value for the price.

Mason Johnson


I was on a business trip from Raleigh to Atlanta and stopped at a Wendy’s in Archdale to get food. Being absent minded, I accidentally locked my car keys in my trunk. Given that Lock Doctors was the closest locksmith I called. They came and unlocked my car even though they were on the way to another job. The guy I dealt with was nice, polite, professional and very effective. I had my car unlocked, keys in hand, and was back on the road within 15 minutes. I have never had better emergency service in my life from any company…I’m glad that people like this still exist.

Evan Baldwin


Amazing work, he was friendly and very quick with his work, 10/10 I definitely recommend this company to anyone as they are very professional, friendly and have a lot of knowledge in the field


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